Company History

The history of Parris Manufacturing Company is a very interesting one. At the start of World War II, when draftees by the thousands were being sent to the Army and Navy training camps, there were no rifles available for training purposes.

Parris ManToy Rifles for Sale by Parris Manufacturing Co.ufacturing Company, already expert in woodworking, was asked by the Department of Defense to make dummy training rifles for new recruits to use until real rifles could be made available. More than 2 million of these training rifles were made for the Army and Navy and the Company earned the coveted Army-Navy “E” Award for its contribution to the war effort.

After the war was over, the company switched its production lines over to manufacturing toy rifles and pistols. These toy guns were made with the same skill and care that the company had used in making the Army and Navy training rifles. Parris Manufacturing Company officials did not want to manufacture only military toy guns, so they quickly added frontier and cowboy style rifles, pistols and pistol holster sets. Every replica in the company’s line is based on a rifle, musket or pistol that played an important part in our country’s history.

To commemorate the Civil War, Parris produces replicas of a Civil War musket and pistol. The company also manufactures replicas of a Davy Crockett rifle, Kentucky rifles, and pistols similar to weapons carried by frontiersmen– Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Parris also manufactures replicas of guns used in the American Revolution. Toy Pistols for Sale by Parris Manufacturing Co.

In our Western line, Parris produces high-quality die-cast cap pistols and Western rifles. Our new cap gun line “Cowboy Collection” shoots plastic ring caps and is made of die-cast metal that looks like real antique metal and quality plastic that looks just like real wood. All of our Western toy gun replicas are vintage 1800 era.

Parris continues to expand its quality made toy product line. Products include a full line of toy bow and arrow sets, our new camouflage bow & arrow sets. We have also added camouflage to some of our Frontier & Western Rifles and pistols.

We also have a great sports item “TAG BALL”. The Tag Ball gun shoots reusable velcro balls up to 50′ that sticks to our target and body gear. You can purchase separately a Tag Ball Target, body gear, goggles, and patches. Tag Ball is fun to play indoors and outdoors without any mess.

The Parris Manufacturing Company has its corporate offices, manufacturing complex and distribution center in Savannah, Tennessee, in the foothills of the Shiloh National Military and Pickwick Landing State Parks.